From CAD design (computer aided design) and layout to final approval by Fire Marshal, AHJ authorities, WSA design and engineering teams will work with your electrical engineer, architect, HVAC, sprinkler, electrical, elevator and building contractors in order to get the job done on time and correctly.
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Our team has the knowledge, skills and the technical support to offer you a custom solution,. Regardless of the scope of your organization, WSA Systems has the expertise and the experience to custom design or seamlessly integrate with your company's existing system or integrated solution that meets your business needs.

WSA has helped customers optimize safety and security throughout many facilities – such as schools, campuses, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, government facilities, airports, or multiple facilities within an enterprise, Your diverse building management needs, no matter how demanding, is WSA’s specialty. WSA has the right solution for your market.
John Zimmerman, Notifier