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Arguably the most important life safety feature of any facility is its fire alarm system. WSA Systems has worked with virtually every system over the years.

We can service or evaluate your current fire alarm system and make recommendations based on the latest, most dependable products on the market.
We can also integrate the fire system control platform with other systems, such as access control or personnel tracking, to further enhance your facility's safety.
Another benefit of our experience is the relationships we have built with state and local fire marshals and AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) along with rules and regulation approvals.

WSA Systems' turnaround times for project approval are among the best in the business.
We know the authorities; the requirements, the codes and the ordinances, and we consistently meet or exceed the high standards set forth by all governing and regulatory agencies.

This level of achievement is evident by the familiar UL (Underwriters Laboratory) mark that is available to clients on all our fire/life safety installation projects. This mark has become a symbol of safety worldwide and WSA Systems has met all applicable UL standards and requirements to become a UL-Certified Fire Alarm Contractor.