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The WSANET-IntelliNet line of burglary transceivers give customers safety, security, speed, and reliability with no more worries about technology obsolescence and no monthly communication costs.
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Increasing fire business revenue and profitability while maintaining or exceeding fire code requirements can be challenging:
Dedicated phone lines have expensive monthly charges for each line.
Cellular technology requires ongoing change-outs due to technology obsolescence and has high monthly communications costs.
Most of your communications revenue and profit goes to the phone or cellular company.

WSANET enables you to grow a profitable fire monitoring business while eliminating those challenges:

WSANET provides the only communications technology approved for standalone technology use for both primary and secondary signaling.
WSANET allows you to re-direct phone company revenues to your alarm company since you provide the communications service. With our private wireless mesh network, there are no monthly fees.
WSANET gives you complete control over the end-to-end operations, quality and cost of your monitoring service.